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The type of work that people carry out in their daily lives can contribute to their risk of becoming obese, according to a new study.NHS figures reveal that obesity is a common problem fake moncler jackets that is estimated to affect one in every four adults and around one in every five children aged between ten and 11 in the UK.A team of researchers from the University of Adelaide, Central Queensland University and the University of South Australia set out to investigate the relationship between psychological measures of job control and obesity.For the study, they analysed data from moncler outlet 450 mostly middle aged participants 230 women and 220 men working in a variety of different occupations.The height, weight and waist circumference of each participant was measured, and telephone interviews were conducted to gather information about their job.A strong association with obesity was found among those who make many decisions at work and have to apply skills, but to somewhat moncler black friday opposite effects. For example, those who make a lot of decisions in the workplace are more likely to have a bigger waist size, and those who use their skills freely at work have a lower body mass index and waist size.Christopher Bean, lead researcher of the study, concluded: looking at the wide system of factors that cause and maintain obesity, work stress is just a small part replica moncler jackets of a very large and tangled network of interactive factors.the other hand, work is a fundamental part of life for many, so it is important to find innovative ways of extending our understanding of how factors at work may be implicated in the development and maintenance of important to challenge the status quo and explore unexpected or counterintuitive findings with curiosity. Study cheap moncler coats has been published in the journal Social Science Medicine.Health A ZsDiseases and conditions A ZExaminations and tests A ZMedicines A ZSlideshows A ZSupport groups A ZSurgical and cosmetic procedures A ZVideos A ZThe materials in this web site are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor.